In the future, ultrasound diagnose will be done at home

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In August , a portable ultrasound machine from Chengdu Healson Technology Company Limited deepened the understanding of "Handheld Ultrasound" at the 27th FIME US International Medical Equipment Exhibition.

"Our digital hand-held probe-type ultrasound system is small, light, and can be connected to mobile phones, tablet, computer and other terminals with USB port, which is very convenient for the User just like philips lumify." In August 18, Chairman Xiong Youquan from Healson Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "Healson Technology") located in Tianfu Software Park told reporters. Digital hand-held probe-type ultrasound system HS-UP20 researched and developed by Healson, has got production license from Sichuan Provincial Food and Drug Administration. HS-UP20 is also the first domestic USB port digital hand-held probe-type ultrasound system. Now the digital hand-held probe-type ultrasound machine ultrasound scanner has been put into production. 

Power consumption: as low as 3 watts

Widely applicated with USB port 

In August 18, the reporter encoutered the "mini" ultrasound machine in Healson technology, which is palm size, white "skin", big "head", small "body", also with a long USB port cable "tail". "This digital hand-held probe-type ultrasound system(HS-UP20) is researched and developed by ourself." Xiong Youquan told reporters, "It is not only small, weighs three or four hundred grams, but also has a variety of ultrasound diagnostic mode. It is not worse than the hospital conventional ultrasound machine." Xiong Youquan introduced, this ultrasound system uses GE chip, and power consumption is very small, and now it is the world's smallest power consumption device with GE chip." Conventional hospital ultrasound machine needs the lowest power consumption around 40 watts so that it can get the image. We study algorithm, and ultimately down the power of ultrasound diagnostic device to only about 3 watts, images are still clear.

Lower power consumption to reduce power consumption, the lower requirements of the terminal equipment. Xiong Youquan point out the long "tail" and said, "Here we design a USB port,  which can be connected to mobile phones, Tablet and PC." Users do not need the special customization. They can just download the Healson APP to achieve ultrasound image. It is more convenient and fast for users.

Preliminary quick diagnosis

Can be used for telemedicine

"This ultrasound diagnostic device products can be used for the human liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, pancreas, heart, thyroid, breast, bladder, uterine attachment and other organs diagnose." Xiong Youquan connected the device to a computer to start a liver scanning at site. As the itransducer "focuses" to the liver, the computer screen shows the liver image clearly, "the image can be saved simultaneously, playback, and also can be remote transfered to the designated doctor to achieve remote consultation." This allows imaging diagnosis is no longer limited to large Hospital imaging department. In the grassroots community health service center, remote areas, outdoor first-aid, natural disasters, traffic accident scene and other different environments, this ultrasound system can come in handy. It is understood that the current ultrasound system has been applicated in Sichuan Province People's Hospital, Guangdong Zhongshan Hospital, Ganzi County People's Hospital and other hospitals.

"In general, if the patient internal organization gets lesions, injuries, the patient need to go to a special imaging department, through large-scale imaging equipment, nuclear magnetic resonance, etc. to see the patient's internal situation. This ultrasound diagnostic equipment released, doctors can easily Quickly check the patient." Head of Institute of Ultrasound of Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, Yin Lixue said.
In August, Healson came to the United States for the first time to attend the 27th FIME International Medical Equipment Exhibition. During the exhibition, "Made in Chengdu high-tech" once again shows charm. Healson got orders from the United States, Japan and other places." At present we are developing a wireless version handheld ultrasound system, which is expected to be released in September this year. The prototype will be came out." Xiong Youquan said, the final goal of Healson technology is to let ultrasound products into the homes of ordinary people, "so that everyone can anytime, anywhere Master their own physical condition.

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